At the Sea Shore

This summer I’ve longed for the shore with an ache that must be like a plant longing for rain. I don’t much go in the water, but I want the sound, smell, and vastness of it.

Tonight I’m at a baseball game at AT&T Park, which feels like being in the middle of the Bay from where I sit over third base. The moon rises above us, sailboats, ferries, and cargo ships float by and seagulls gather to feed and poop all over baseball. The barn swallows at the Colosseum are easier to love.

Happily, I can also see Oakland from here, clad as I am in my A’s green and gold at this Giants/Cubs game. All for the love of the game and the husband. Accustomed as we are to the dingy Colosseum at this point, coming here is like visiting our rich cousins.

The fog spills over the wall and it’s winter in August when sometimes the Bay disappears and it is only us and the fog and our shivering blankets.

One thought on “At the Sea Shore

  1. As a split fan, I especially enjoyed this. “…all for the love of the game and the husband…” I enjoy how simply using ‘the’ before ‘husband’ makes it funny. You nailed it!! The rich cousins is perfect — and the fog, and winter in August.

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