The details of unremarkable days

Get out of bed, trip to avoid stepping on the cat, pick him up and fling him over your shoulder, a feline sack of potatoes. Exit room, close door and press your back to the wall for support during the canine assault, love unbridled. Feel relief that neither you nor the dog peed on the floor just then, hurry to let dog out. Feed pets, make coffee, drink it, feel grateful. Shower, walk dog, realize she’s constipated, worry, take vitamins, get in car.
Work, work, work, become bored and hungry. Eat oatmeal, drink tea, each chocolate. Work, work, work. Flee the office, drive like a Masshole. Feed animals, dog still constipated, worry, fuss, worry, fuss, reflect on dietary mistakes, missteps, the excesses of vacation past.
Hurry to meet writer friend, a writing date. Select table, one martini please, receive text from friend: “Collapsed. At hospital. Call my husband?” Bring all loose strings to a knot tied at hospital. Get there, it’s ok, it’s fast and slow, and it’s ok. It’s everything, but also not much. It is, after all, an unremarkable day.

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