Betty the Boxer: Family Road Trip

“Are you kidding me? You are not putting me back in that car one more time. I swear I’ll bite you. No, I can’t bite you. I’ll pee on your foot, I swear I will,” Betty thought.

She had only been with this new family a few months and generally she had come to love them. They weren’t perfect, dog knows, but they tried really hard and they fed her good food, were generous with the treats and even included hot dogs and pigs ears in the mix periodically. Could have done a lot worse, or so she thought until today. Today! Grrrrrrr.

“I knew they were up to something first thing. Putting stuff in bags and moving things around. I didn’t even have a chance to find a good poo spot before they loaded me into that car. We’ve been driving for hours! Hours! They have stopped three times all day. Each time, like the crazy fool I am, I jump out certain that this is IT. We are HERE! Only to find that they expect me to pee on demand. Seriously? I need time. I have to find the right spot, relax a little. But no, it’s pee or hold it until the next spot, hours later. Grrrrr.”

“As if all that weren’t bad enough, but now they are winding and twisting and turning. If they had fed me my dinner (and that’s another thing, I eat by 6 o’clock and it is waaaaaay past that) I’d be puking it all over this car. I think it’s time for a good ol’ “I ate a hot dog fart.” I bet they’ll open the windows so I can smell where we are then. Yeah. That’s it. That’ll teach them to mess with me. My name is Betty and as of right now, I am one righteous bitch. Open those windows, fools.”

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