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We have to break the mirrors to be ourselves, he thought, throwing a pebble in and watching the image blur and vanish-especially when we are over forty. ‘We have to break the mirrors to be ourselves,’ he murmured, aware that it was a line in iambic pentameter. He tasted it. He examined it…Already the Muse was at work.

May Sarton, The Poet and the Donkey

In February, I adopted a dog. She has become my muse and I have started a blog to chronicle our journey together. I hope you will join us! Betty the Boxer

In more blog news, I have signed up for The Writing Salon’s Round Robin. Each day, there’s a writing prompt that we respond to for 10-12 minutes and send to a class partner. I will be posting those rough writes here on my blog after they have been responded to by my partner.

There may be some boring stinkers, but hopefully a few sparkling shiny things, too. The season of writing is on!

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