Givin’ Love

I love me a little Oaktown. Sure, we have our [oft-discussed, hard to hide] troubles. But dang! If you haven’t walked around to see the sights and feel the artistic energy that is pulsing through these streets, you are missing some fun. You are also missing cool architecture, provocative street art, and some plain old satisfying nonsense!

One of my favorite murals (of all time) has been jazzing the Uptown for about a year. I love the crazy perspectives and the way the artists, R.B. Morris III & Munir Munir, held up a funhouse mirror and captured a selection of our wicked loveliness:

While we’re on the subject of Oaksterdam (mural sponsor), it’s a special kind of city that houses a university, a museum, a gift store, in addition to several “dispensaries” and cafes with alternative menus, all in the name of medical marijuana. I find the items in Oaksterdam’s gift store window fairly entertaining:

If you start your day with NPR, you may have heard some stories by young people. They tend to be impressive, thoughtful and well-done. Chances are they were produced by Youth Radio:

I love old classic Oakland businesses like the Hat Library, which features a large selection of original hats for the ladies to wear to church and Rocsil’s Women’s Footwear, which specializes in large sizes. Makes me wish my feet were bigger! Then there’s the other classic Oakland business:

Most of what I dig about Oakland is the random street art. There are some hella creative, humorous, provocative cats doing their thing, leaving their mark in unexpected places here.

It’s hard to escape the presence of Occupy in Oakland. Here’s another voice on the subject, more to make you go, hmmmm:

There’s a lot to love on these dirty o’l streets. Seeings how it’s Friday and all, I think I’ll go out and get a little Oaktown on me. Hope to see you there.

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