A Newish Year, A Newish Challenge

So on NYE over dinner with our friend Donna, she posed the question: What are your resolutions for the coming year. (Donna’s really indirect & would never pry!)

I hemmed & hawed: I don’t do resolutions. Hate ’em.

Not one to be put off, Donna countered. Allright then, new experiences: what are WE going to DO this year?

It turns out WE are going to blog. About what, is TBD for Donna & Miguel. As for me? It’s a loose theme. I work in Down Town Oakland. I also take public transit. Add these things together & I believe the phrase is, Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

And so it is & this is the theme. I’ll try not to be mean. But I can’t promise I won’t be snarky. I haven’t had a lobotomy, you know.

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